5Wits’ immersive games the ultimate challenge

Featured image: The 5Wits live-action game venue at Patriot Place in Foxboro, Massachusetts (photo by Cheryl Landes)

Why simply play a game when you can experience it?

Stop an evil corporation from taking over the world. Capture an escaped dragon for a beautiful Medieval princess. Answer a distress call from an abandoned starship in deep space, teleport to the ship, and figure out what happened. Outwit a Pharaoh’s spirit as you find a way to escape from a tomb. Or, during a trip to the museum, discover a lost submarine and repair it while finishing a dangerous experience and fighting a sea monster.

You’ll find these live-action games at 5Wits, in three New York State locations and Foxboro, Massachusetts. Each game consists of a series of rooms, special effects, and puzzles that are adjusted to the group’s abilities and solutions as they progress through the game.

One thing’s for certain: Your wits will be tested!

I tried the Espionage game at Foxboro, where I worked with another spy (the game facilitator) to stop the evil corporation from achieving world dominance. The game started when I retrieved a top-secret envelope, which contained a self-destructing CD that described our mission.

The top-secret envelope for my espionage mission at 5Wits (photo by Cheryl Landes)

From there, we looked for clues as we broke into the enemy’s headquarters and hacked the computer system. Then we tried to crack the combination to get into the lab, but time ran out.

I blew up the lab.

Although my spy skills didn’t save the world, I had fun trying.

Each game lasts 45 minutes to an hour, and new groups enter a game every 15 minutes, after the group ahead enters the next room in the sequence. 5Wits doesn’t take reservations. Buy a ticket for the game of your choice online or at the door and wait for the next game to start. The types of games available vary by location; check 5Wits’ home page for details.

5Wits welcomes all ages but recommends parents of children 7 and younger use discretion on whether they can handle the temporary darkness and loud sound effects in every game. An adult 18 years or older must accompany all children under 13.

5Wits venues are located at:

Also reach any venue by phone at (855) 955-WITS.

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