This hypnotist’s holiday light show in Las Vegas will mesmerize you (and maybe make you dance)

Featured image: Mark Savard’s home decked out for the holidays (photo credit: Las Vegas Weekly)

When comedian-hypnotist Mark Savard moved from Canada to Las Vegas, he wanted a special Christmas experience for his family. Back then, the main attraction was seeing Santa at the mall, he said during an interview with the Las Vegas Weekly.

So, in 2010, he decided to decorate his house at 1420 E. Robindale Road in 25,000 lights. But he didn’t stop there. He added music and programmed the lights to flash in time with the beats.

Now the show has grown to 100,000 lights and is among the most popular holiday attractions in town. For some, it has become a tradition.

Every year, several volunteers help Savard set up the lights (view a slideshow of their work).

Many visitors enjoy the display during a stroll in the neighborhood. But they can also tune into 101.3 FM and hear the music broadcast while watching from their cars.

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