Goatgrams: Receive bouquets, watch goats eat them in Portland-Vancouver

Featured image: This is not the goat who will eat your flowers, but the two who do are absolutely adorable. (photo by Cheryl Landes)

It’s always nice to receive flowers for a special occasion, but what do you do with them? You can admire them for a week or two until they die. Or when the bouquet is delivered, you can enjoy its beauty for a minute or two and then watch two goats eat it.

This is Goatgrams, the latest gift rage in the Portland-Vancouver metro area. Brett Wilson of Washougal, Washington, founded the company a year ago. His partners, two Nigerian dwarf goats named Om Nom and Nibbles, are the flower grazers.

Goatgrams has become so popular that it’s now Wilson’s full-time job. He limits deliveries to two per day, five days a week to give the goats a break.

The current price is $100 per delivery. Learn more about Goatgrams and book a delivery.

Read a story and watch a video about Goatgrams in The Columbian.

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