19th Century Dragoon Sabre Training starts January 21 at Fort Vancouver National Historic Site

Featured image: A Calvary sabre made in 1840 (photo courtesy National Park Service)

Learn the sabre techniques used by US Army Dragoons soldiers who arrived at the Fort Vancouver Barracks in Vancouver, Washington, in 1855 in two seven-week classes, sponsored by the National Park Service and Academia Duellatoria:

  • Basic 1 is for students new to sabre training. The course starts with footwork, followed by solo and partner drills. The Basic 1 courses are on Sundays, January 21-March 4, 3-4:30 p.m.
  • Basic 2 builds on the skills learned in the Basic 1 course, with more solo and partner drills and perfecting technique. The Basic 2 courses are on Sundays, January 21-March 4, 5-6:30 p.m.

Both classes cover sabre techniques and the history of the US Army at the Vancouver Barracks. Training sabers and eye protection are provided, and the sabres have dull edges and blunt tips.

Students successfully completing both courses can volunteer at the living history events and programs at the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site.

The courses are open to ages 12 and older, and cost $100 per person. Students must register in advance by check or PayPal. For more information or to register, contact Jeff Richardson at Academia Duellatoria at (503) 888-9310 or by filling out this email form. Also read more about the classes at Academia Duellatoria’s website.

Classes are held at the Pearson Air Museum Historic Hangar, 1111 E. 5th Street, in Vancouver, Washington.


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