Find your center at Yoga with Cats in Portland on January 21

Featured image: Harriet, who enjoys hanging out on the guest sign-in book at Animal Aid in Portland, Oregon, is among the 19 cats currently looking for a forever home. (photo by Cheryl Landes)

Cats are masters of yoga. Watch one stretch as it works out every kink in its body, and you’ll understand.

Cats know the downward dog pose better than any other creature on the planet (although I believe they use a different term, because, after all, humans named the pose after a dog).

Join them at Animal Aid’s shelter at 5335 SW 42nd Avenue in Portland, Oregon, on Sunday, January 21, noon-1 p.m., for the monthly Yoga with Cats session. They might stop by your mat for a visit, a rub or two, or to give you some tips on your poses (or not). Or they’ll supervise from the top of a scratching post. Or they might take a nap after they warm up (often, some do).

Whatever happens, you’ll fall in love with them.

Oh, did I mention that they’re available for adoption? Learn more about them.

The Cats with Yoga session costs $20 person, and advance online registration is required. Register here as early as possible, because often sessions fill.

Radio talk show host and animal activist Jack Hurd and his wife, Kathryn, founded Animal Aid in 1969. On his radio show, Jack often talked about the abandoned cats in their Laurelhurst neighborhood. He and Kathryn started their rescue efforts when they found “Chicken Charlie”, a half-dead cat they nursed back to health, followed by 12 other cats from their neighborhood. As more callers to Jack’s radio show talked about their sick or injured pets and their struggles to afford proper veterinary care, Jack and Kathryn decided that something needed to be done, and Animal Aid was born. Animal Aid received nonprofit status in 1971.

Today, Animal Aid is a nonprofit organization with a no-kill cat shelter, emergency kennels for dogs, and foster caregivers for dogs looking for permanent homes. For more information about the shelter and adopting a cat or dog, visit Animal Aid’s website.


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