Slip-slidin’ away on the sock skating rink at the Discovery Museum in Acton, MA

Featured image: The outdoor sock skating rink at the Discovery Museum in Acton, Massachusetts (photo courtesy the Discovery Museum)

When we were kids, freshly mopped and waxed kitchen floors enticed us. What a perfect place to slide around in our sock feet! We often caved to the temptation, much to the frustration of our mothers, grandmothers, and (in my case) aunts. But usually they’d give us some slack, unless we got too rowdy, because they knew we were having fun.

In its continuous quest to encourage kids to play outside, the Discovery Museum in Acton, Massachusetts, took these fond memories a step further and built a sock skating rink. The 360-square-foot elevated outdoor rink is made of interlocking floor tiles designed for dry-land ice-hockey practice.

The rink has been a hit with kids of all ages. Children, parents, and even grandparents are slipping and sliding across the “ice”. Some even perform their own versions of sock ice ballet with beautiful moves like the girl in the featured image for this post.

To encourage more creativity, the museum plays recorded music in the background. When the rink opened during the holiday season, skaters enjoyed Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite. Now they’re slipping, sliding, and spinning to music from the Fantasia soundtrack.

The rink is free with admission to the Children’s Discovery Museum and Discovery Woods, and thick skating socks are provided at no extra charge to keep your feet warm.

Admission is free for Discovery Museum members and teachers. Rates for non-members are $12.50 adults and children older than 1 year, $11.50 seniors ages 60 and older, and free for children 1 year and younger.

Hours are 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Tuesday-Sunday. On the first Friday of the month, the museum extends its hours and offers free admission to everyone from 4:30 to 8 p.m.

The sock skating rink is open until the new Science Discovery Museum opens later this month. The museum plans to reopen the rink, but specific dates have not been set yet, according to Liz Leahey, Assistant Director of Learning Experiences.

Stay tuned for updates on Tabby Cat’s Pawprints and at the Discovery Museum’s website…

The Discovery Museum is located at 177 Main Street, on Route 27 in Acton, Massachusetts, 25 miles west of Boston. For more information, visit the Discovery Museum’s website or call (978) 264-4200.


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