Ride musical lighted seesaws until spring at Boston’s Seaport

Brighten your winter with Impulse, an art installation encouraging urban play on 12 illuminated musical seesaws.

You power the seesaws. As you ride, the LED lights and sounds vary in intensity.

Impulse returned to the Boston metro area this year and is open until Sunday, April 8. This time, it’s downtown at the Seaport Common, 85 Northern Avenue. The outdoor playground is next to District Hall, two blocks from the Institute of Contemporary Art.

Hours are 10 a.m.-9 p.m. daily. Admission is free.

To avoid parking challenges, take a bus on the MBTA Silver Line to the Courthouse station. From there, it’s about a five-minute walk to the Seaport Common.

Plan your trip on the T. (Boston’s public transit system is called “The T” by the locals.)

Impulse is internationally recognized and has stopped in London, Montreal, Toronto, Cincinnati, Chicago, and Harvard Yard in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Architectural Lighting magazine honored Impulse in the 2017 AL Design Awards. The magazine gave Impulse the Commendable Achievement award for Exhibition Lighting & Temporary Installations.

Here are some pictures and video of the seesaws in action from the February 17, 2018 issue of the Boston Globe.

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