Tundra Swan Festival March 17 at Cusik, in northeastern Washington

Featured image: Tundra swans have a distinctive black beak, often with yellow at its base. (photo by pixel mixer, courtesy Creative Commons)

The tundra swans are migrating, and they stop at Calispel Lake in Washington State’s northeastern corner along the way to their breeding grounds in the Arctic. On Saturday, March 17, from 10 a.m.-2 p.m., the town of Cusick celebrates their arrival at the Tundra Swan Festival.

Admission to the festival includes a bus ride to Calispel Lake, a baked ham lunch, two tundra talks on caribou recovery and white nose bat syndrome, and art vendors.

The festival is located at the Camas Center for Community Wellness, 1821 Le Clerc Road North in Cusick, Washington. Buses also depart from the center for the wildlife viewing trips to Calispel Lake.

Tundra swans are white with a mostly black bill, often with a spot of yellow at the base, and their legs and feet are black. They’re sometimes called whistling swans because of the whistling sound made by their wings.


Admission is a suggested donation of $20. For more information, contact the Pend Oreille River Tourism Alliance at info@porta.us or 1-844-PORTA-US (767-8287), or visit www.porta.us.

Cusik is 53 miles north of Spokane and 332 miles northeast of Seattle.

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