Armchair photo tours: Holland America Flower Gardens in Woodland

Holland- America-Bulb-Farms8

Photos by Cheryl Landes

In April, when the tulips bloom at the Holland America Flower Gardens in Woodland, Washington, the fields are a carpet of bright colors. The flowers are in plain sight from the road. When the gardens are open, park and walk through designated fields and take pictures.

It’s a nice place to bring my elderly mother, whose ability to walk long distances is limited. I can park my car facing the fields, and she can enjoy the view without walking anywhere.

Holland America Flower Gardens was founded in 1980, when Benno and Klazina Dobbe immigrated from Holland to Woodland with their three children and tulip bulbs to start a new life. They opened a second location, Holland America Flowers, in Arroyo Grande, California, in 1986 and started the Woodland Tulip Festival in 2002.

The company specializes in growing tulips, peonies, lilies, freesias, and snapdragons. They sell fresh-cut flowers commercially nationwide. During the tulip festival in Woodland, fresh-cut flowers and other items are sold to the public in the gift shop, and the U-pick fields are open to create your own bouquets.

Today’s armchair photo tour explores the flower gardens in Woodland during previous tulip festivals. Enjoy!

Holland- America-Bulb-Farms1

Holland- America-Bulb-Farms2

Holland- America-Bulb-Farms3

Holland- America-Bulb-Farms7

Holland- America-Bulb-Farms9

Holland- America-Bulb-Farms11

Holland- America-Bulb-Farms12

Holland- America-Bulb-Farms15

Holland- America-Bulb-Farms16

Holland- America-Bulb-Farms17

Holland- America-Bulb-Farms19

Holland- America-Bulb-Farms20


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