Armchair photo tours: A stroll on the Mingus Park footpath

Photos by Cheryl Landes

Mingus Park is a beautiful escape in downtown Coos Bay, Oregon. A 0.6-mile footpath winds around the lake in the park’s center and meanders through the Choshi Garden on the west side. In the spring, rhododendrons bloom in an arboretum on the northwest corner of the park, and two playgrounds keep the kids busy.

Three fountains spray fan-shaped streams from the lake. Ducks and geese swim in the lake and hang out on a small island with a miniature lighthouse. Sometimes seagulls join them.

The park is named after Dr. Everett Mingus, one of the early settlers. His career in the area started as a mine camp doctor in Bunker Hill. He also served as the health officer of Coos Bay and Coos County, a physician for a small local railroad, the Coos County coroner, and chair of the Coos Bay Parks Commission.

Whenever I’m in Coos Bay, I love taking walks in the park. When I have more time, I sit on a bench on the lake path and watch the ducks and geese.

Enjoy today’s tour!



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