Armchair photo tours: Lan Su Chinese Garden in Portland

Lan-Su-Chinese Garden-Portland-Oregon7
Photos by Cheryl Landes

Lan Su Chinese Garden in Portland’s Old Town/Chinatown neighborhood is a beautiful retreat any time of  year. It’s a small garden filled with pagodas, bamboo, maple trees, ornamental cherry trees, peonies, and other flowers. All of these surround a pond with lily pads in the center of the garden.

I enjoy taking little breaks here to enjoy the scenery, either by walking around the garden or finding a bench to sit and reflect on the reflections in the pond.

Here are some photos from my visits to the garden. Enjoy!

Lan-Su-Chinese Garden-Portland-OregonLan-Su-Chinese Garden-Portland-Oregon2Lan-Su-Chinese Garden-Portland-Oregon3Lan-Su-Chinese Garden-Portland-Oregon4Lan-Su-Chinese Garden-Portland-Oregon5Lan-Su-Chinese Garden-Portland-Oregon6Lan-Su-Chinese Garden-Portland-Oregon8Lan-Su-Chinese Garden-Portland-Oregon15Lan-Su-Chinese Garden-Portland-Oregon9Lan-Su-Chinese Garden-Portland-Oregon10Lan-Su-Chinese Garden-Portland-Oregon11Lan-Su-Chinese Garden-Portland-Oregon12Lan-Su-Chinese Garden-Portland-Oregon14Lan-Su-Chinese Garden-Portland-Oregon16Lan-Su-Chinese Garden-Portland-Oregon13

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