Armchair photo tours: A late afternoon walk at Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach

Haystack Rock-Cannon Beach
Photos by Cheryl Landes

The Oregon Coast is my favorite place for walks on the beach. Every experience is different, even if I’m walking on the same beach. Some days are sunny, others rainy, cloudy, or foggy—or all of these can happen within minutes or a few hours. Whatever the weather brings, the views are amazing.

Today, we’re stopping on the northern coast at Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach for an afternoon stroll on the beach. It’s a sunny day, and conditions look favorable for a beautiful sunset. Let’s hang around to find out.

Haystack Rock-Cannon Beach2Haystack Rock-Cannon Beach3Haystack Rock-Cannon Beach4Haystack Rock-Cannon Beach5Haystack Rock-Cannon Beach6Haystack Rock-Cannon Beach7Haystack Rock-Cannon Beach8Haystack Rock-Cannon Beach9Haystack Rock-Cannon Beach10Haystack Rock-Cannon Beach11Haystack Rock-Cannon Beach12Haystack Rock-Cannon Beach13Haystack Rock-Cannon Beach14Haystack Rock-Cannon Beach15Haystack Rock-Cannon Beach16Haystack Rock-Cannon Beach17Haystack Rock-Cannon Beach18

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