Armchair photo tours: Heirloom Roses in Saint Paul, Oregon


Photos by Cheryl Landes

On the About page of the Heirloom Roses website, owners Ben and Kara Hanna wrote, “Our love of roses is deeply rooted in our knowledge that gardens go beyond just physical beauty. It provides a place of solace or social gatherings, where peace and beauty can be enjoyed to refresh a soul.”


This beauty and peace shines at their rose garden in St. Paul, Oregon.


I love going for a walk there to browse the different varieties of roses and the views of the surrounding farms in the Willamette Valley. The fragrances of the roses are pleasant and soothing.


Heirloom Roses doesn’t graft their roses. The Hannas grow all of the roses on their own roots, which makes the roses hardier in the winter and disease-resistant. Own-root roses also produce abundant blooms.


Roses and companion plants, products for growing roses, and products made from roses and other plants are available to order at the Heirloom Roses website.


Heirloom Roses is located at 24062 Riverside Drive Northeast in St. Paul, Oregon, 32 miles southwest of Portland.


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