Watch a seagull hatch and grow up from the ledge of an office building in Boston

The parents of Gulliver begin preparing to build a nest on the ledge of an office building in the Downtown Crossing neighborhood of Boston (photo by Rowan Walrath, BostInno)

What happens when a reporter notices that two seagulls spending a lot of time on an office building ledge below her office window are up to something? Well, she watches and documents what’s happening, of course.

Rowan Walrath, a reporter for BostInno, which covers the start-up scene in the Boston metro area, soon discovered that she was witnessing a new arrival. Her readers rooted for the parents and chick—from egg laying to hatching to the full-grown adult leaving the nest to start his own life adventures.

Her readers even named the chick two days after it emerged from its shell.

Welcome to Boston, Gulliver!

Gulliver celebrated his first birthday on June 12. I’m not sure how seagulls celebrate their birthdays. Maybe they find some human treats from a favorite trash can or follow a sea lion around to pick up morsels of fish the mammal leaves behind. Sea lions are messy eaters, after all, and gulls are always on the lookout for easy pickin’s.

Whatever Gulliver did, his dedicated BostInno fans wished him well (and, who knows, maybe celebrated with cake and a lighted candle). And Rowan celebrated by publishing this article about Gulliver’s journey from egg to adult on the office ledge in Boston:
Happy Birthday, Gulliver: A tribute to BostInno‘s favorite seagull

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