Webtoberfest celebrates Octoberfest for almost two months

A virtual Octoberfest? Yes, it’s happening. It started at 9 a.m. Pacific time on Saturday, September 5, with Fassanstich (the opening of the first keg).

The fun continues through October. Watch streamed music, dances, and other entertainment. Learn how to cook an authentic Octoberfest menu. Participate in virtual beer and wine tastings. Shop for gifts from Germany and buy food from a German grocery store. Plan your next trip to Germany.

To participate, go to the Webtoberfest site. When you arrive, you’ll see a map that looks like this one.

Look for the flashing red dots under images on the map to explore the different sites. Click on a dot to read about the location and enter that area.

Don’t forget to sign up for schedule updates at the site, which are emailed to you.

The site is best viewed from a desktop computer or laptop.

Webtoberfest is hosted by Angela Schofield, blogger of All Tastes German, and Karen Lodder Carlson, blogger of A German Girl in America.

Admission is free.

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