Watch concerts from the Couch By Couch West music festival

When the 2020 SXSW festival cancelled in Austin because of the panedmic, Alex Garnett went to work to produce a concert experience as close as possible to the big festival online. He called it Couch By Couch West (CXCW for short) and welcomed bands and vocalists to record their shows from the Triceratops Room, his recording studio in Kansas City, Missouri.

When a show is scheduled, it’s announced on the CXCW website and social media. You can stream the live performances from CXCW’s YouTube channel. Music styles cover the gamut, from country to jazz to even doo wap rap (which I’d never heard of until watching Second Hand King’s video).

The performances are recorded and posted to YouTube. You can also watch the first 12 shows from the series on this CXCW page.

The concerts are free. Donations are appreciated.

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