Armchair photo tours: Thanksgiving at the Plimouth Plantation

The entrance to the Wampanoag village at the Plimouth Plantation in Plymouth, Massachusetts

Photos by Cheryl Landes

The first Thanksgiving was celebrated in Plymouth, Massachusetts, in 1620. Every year, the Plimouth Plantation recreates the experience, which attracts visitors from around the world.

The dinner reservation includes a two-day admission to the plantation. We arrived early so that we could take our time exploring. We started at the Wampanoag village.

The longhouse and some furs at the Wampanoag village at the Plimouth Plantation

We saw the re-creation of the single-family home of Hobbamock, the councilman to the saschem (leader) Ousamequin, who was also known as Massasoit, in the 1620s. Hobbamock was a liaison between the Wampanoag and the Pilgrims.

Descendents of the Wampanoag were on hand to answer questions and share stories about their lives and culture.

We also saw demostrations of dugout canoe building and making Indian pudding.

Making a dugout canoe at the Wampanoag village at the Plimouth Plantation
Making Indian pudding at the Wampanoag village at the Plimouth Plantation

From there, we went to the English village to experience the Pilgrims’ lives during the 1620s.

The English Village at the Plimouth Plantation
The Craft Center in the English Village at the Plimouth Plantation

When we finished, we had enough time to walk to the Mayflower and Plymouth Rock before dinner.

The Mayflower II
The chart room on the Mayflower II
Plymouth Rock

The delicious dinner was served family style and included turkey and all of the trimmings. Actors dressed as Pilgrims and Indians stopped at each table and greeted us while we ate dinner. Some sang Christmas carols in front of the fireplace after they greeted everyone.

The dining room where Thanksgiving dinner was served at the Plimouth Plantation

Reservations for the Thanksgiving dinners sell out every year. Reservations start in May for members of the Plimouth Plantation and in June for the general public. If you plan to go, schedule as soon as you can after reservations open. Find meal options and make reservations at the plantation’s Thanksgiving Dining page.

Learn more about the Plimouth Plantation at and the Wampanoag Tribe at

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