Armchair photo tours: A walk at Naturescaping Wildlife Botanical Gardens

Flowers at Naturescaping Wildlife Botanical Gardens in Brush Prairie, Washington

Photos by Cheryl Landes

Naturescaping Wildlife Botanical Gardens is a series of demonstration gardens that provide ideas for gardeners looking at ways to attract birds, butterflies, and other wildlife to their backyard spaces. The three acres are tended by volunteers.

Every time I go for a walk in the garden, I notice something new. Different plants bloom from early spring through fall. Hummingbirds constantly in motion fill up on nectar, butterflies flutter, and bees pollinate the flowers. Leaves change colors in the fall. The winter rains nourish the garden to start the cycle all over again.

I’ve heard that deer wander through garden, but I’ve never seen them.

During some of my walks, I meet volunteer gardeners who love to chat about the gardens and their work. Late one afternoon, a gardener talked about a female hummingbird who loves to play in the water from one of the sprinklers. She said she often sees this hummingbird hanging out in the gardens late in the day.

I watched this hummingbird fly back and forth, chasing the water from the sprinkler for a long time that evening. I admired her antics, persistence, and energy.

The gardens also host classes throughout the year.

Naturescaping Wildlife Botanical Gardens is located at 11000 NE 149th Street in Brush Prairie, Washington. Parking and admission are free. More information is available at

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