Stroll the Planetary Promenade in Portland and online

Take a stroll of the whimsical solar system in the Mississippi neighborhood of Portland, Oregon. It’s a collaboration of visual artist Mike Bennett, who’s known for painting cute cartoon plywood characters and hiding them in random places in Portland, and Bill Kelly, a Grammy-nominated family entertainer.

The exhibit features 13 of Bennett’s large cartoon renderings of the solar system, accompanied by Kelly’s Schoolhouse Rock-style songs. One song and cartoon are released every day from January 8 until January 19. An entire Planetary Promenade album will be released on January 19.

Find the planets in the solar system outside 12 participating businesses along Mississippi Avenue. For more details about where they are, read this Travel Portland article.

If you can’t make it to Portland or want to check out what’s happening with the project on social media, follow the action on Bennett’s FacebookTwitter, and Instagram accounts. The Mississippi Ave website has more pictures of the installation.

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