Learn where to find amphibians in Clark County, Washington, March 11

Photo by Couleur, courtesy Creative Commons

Ever wonder where you can find amphibians in Clark County, Washington?

On Thursday, March 11, Shell Devlaeminck from the South West Amphibian Monitoring Project, also known as SWAMP, will give a virtual presentation on amphibian sites throughout Clark County. Devlaeminck has surveyed amphibians with SWAMP for five years. During this presentation, she will share pictures from some of the sites she has surveyed, along with the amphibians that live there. She’ll also share tips on how you can create a habitat that will attract amphibians to your backyard.

This free presentation starts at 7 p.m. and will be streamed on Zoom. If you can’t attend or want to watch the presentation again later, it will be recorded and posted on the Clark Conservation District’s website.

Register for this event at the Clark Conversation District’s Webinars page.

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