2021 March of Daffodils celebrates virtually throughout March and early April

Photo by Cheryl Landes

Last year, the annual daffodil festival in Amity, Oregon, cancelled due to COVID. This year throughout March and in early April, the town is hosting virtual events. Some are online and others are outside.

Each weekend has a theme.

March 12-14 is the Awakening weekend, which kicked off with National Plant and Flower Day. It’s dedicated to planting flowers and looking forward to the bright days of spring.

March 20-21 is Education and Knowledge weekend, dedicated to learning more about daffodils, the different types of daffodils, and how to plant them at The American Daffodil Society website.

March 27-28 is Observation and Knowledge weekend. Apply your knowledge from last weekend to identifying daffodils in your neighborhood. Take pictures and post them at the March of Daffodils Facebook page.

April 3-4 is Marvel weekend. Take a drive from Amity to Eola Crest to enjoy the daffodils in bloom (view the map).

Keep updated on the March of Daffodils on Facebook or this Amity Community Events page.

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