Woodland Planters Days planning another virtual celebration in June 2021

Flowers at the display garden at the Holland America Bulb Farm in Woodland, Washington (photo by Cheryl Landes)

Washington State’s continued restrictions on large gatherings from the continuing COVID-19 pandemic are affecting the 99th annual Woodland Planters Days celebration again this year. But the Celebration Committee has not given up.

“We will not be canceling Planters Days,” the committee posted on the event’s Facebook page, “BUT we will still have to celebrate virtually again this year, as state and local mandates again restrict the gatherings that this event draws. Yes, we too are sorry that we can’t have the fireworks, carnival, or parade, as well as the rest of the in-person fun. We do look forward to what we can make happen!

“We are optimistic the theme, ’99 Years Long- Still Going Strong,’ will be a rallying call to bring out the best in a creative community-focused celebration!”

The committee also posted a notice on Facebook with the date and time for the free event. It starts Thursday, June 17, at 11 a.m. and ends Sunday, June 20, at 7 p.m. The rest of the details have not been announced yet, except for the names and a picture of the women crowned for the court. See their picture at the Woodland Planters Days website.

The committee will post updates on the Woodland Planters Days Facebook page.

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