The Cart Blocks’ grand opening tomorrow in Portland

Image by kendallpools from Pixabay

So many of us miss the pod of food trucks that once called an area on Alder Street in downtown Portland home before they were displaced two years ago with the construction of a new Ritz Carlton hotel. Now, 21 of the 50 original carts are back in a new location, starting Saturday, July 24.

Cuisines include Mexican, Asian, Iraqi, Ethiopian, and much more.

The new site is called The Cart Blocks, which is adjacent to the North Park Blocks. The carts are aligned sideways along SW Ankeny Street and 8th and Park Avenues.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony is on July 24 at 1:30 p.m.

Get a peek at the new location in this news report from KOIN 6 TV in Portland.

Portland is well-known for its food trucks and, at last count, has 500 throughout the city. created this map that pinpoints each location.

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