2021 Tacoma International Film Festival in person and online October 7-14

Image by MasterTux from Pixabay

The 2021 Tacoma International Film Festival is underway, and tickets are still available. Choose from in-person or online activities. The virtual viewings are available through Thursday, October 14.

In-person screenings are located at The Grand Cinema, 606 Fawcett Avenue, in downtown Tacoma. They started on Thursday, October 7, and will end on Thursday, October 14.

This year’s festival has 17 feature documentary and fictional films, and more than 150 short fictional works by filmmakers from more than 20 countries. The schedule includes 44 Pacific Northwest filmmakers from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and British Columbia.

For more information and to buy tickets, visit tacomafilmfestival.com/2021-festival.

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