Get freshly squeezed apple cider August 28 at an orchard in University Place

Photo by Cheryl Landes

Pick some apples at the 7.33-acre Curran Apple Orchard from noon until 4 p.m. on Sunday, August 28, and have them squeezed into fresh cider. If you’d prefer not to pick your own apples at the orchard, you can buy bags of apples at the orchard.

You can bring your own jugs or buy them at the orchard. Plan to be in line by 2 p.m. to have your apples squeezed at one of the presses.

While you’re there, grab a slice of apple pie with ice cream and listen to live music while hanging out with Johnny Appleseed and the Big Apple.

All purchases are cash only. Bringing apples from home or an outside market to squeeze is not allowed.

The Curran Apple Orchard has more than 200 trees with more than 15 varieties of applies. It’s located at 3920 Grandview Drive West in University Place, Washington, a 20-minute drive southwest of Tacoma, an hour south of Seattle, and 2.5 hours north of Portland. Learn more about the orchard.

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