Nature therapy with family and friends at Cline Falls Scenic Viewpoint

Featured image: One of the swimming holes on the Deschutes River at Cline Falls Scenic Viewpoint (photo by Cheryl Landes)

Reconnect with nature, family, and friends for a day by packing a lunch, blankets, towels, and an inner tube and heading to Cline Falls Scenic Viewpoint near Redmond, Oregon. Choose a picnic table under the shade trees along the Deschutes River and spread the feast. Drop the inner tube in the cool water and climb on. Or forget the rubber inflatable doughnut and take the plunge. The calm current here is ideal for swimming, and there are shallow spots for wading near shore.

Remember to bring your horseshoes, if you have a set, because there’s a pit alongside the riverbank. A hearty competition in this beautiful quiet setting can make your day—especially if you win.

Fishing is another popular activity on this stretch of the Deschutes, and the park even has a fish cleaning station if you catch some of those famous rainbow, bull, or brook trout.

Need a break from this excitement? Lie on a blanket, read a book, and listen to the soothing melodies of the river’s current and the birds. You might see a few birds, too. Or take a nap to regain your energy.

Cline Falls-peaceful sceneThe gentle current of the Deschutes River at Cline Falls Scenic Viewpoint (photo by Cheryl Landes)

Although the viewpoint is named for Cline Falls, this 10-foot waterfall isn’t at the picnic area. Look for it on the north side of Highway 126, in the Deschutes River gorge. Its name honors dentist C.A. Cline, who owned property next to the falls. He died in 1926.

Cline Falls Scenic Viewpoint is four miles west of Redmond and 122 miles east of Eugene on Highway 126. Admission is free. Restrooms are available near the picnic area. The park is open daily from dawn to dusk, except in the winter, when it’s closed. For more information, visit the park’s website or call (541) 388-6055.

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