Perception or reality? You decide at the Museum of Illusions in Los Angeles

Featured image by Museum of Illusions, Los Angeles

Have you felt your eyes are playing tricks on you? You see something, but when you do a double-take, it isn’t there. These experiences, usually caused by optical illusions, can be disorienting and nerve-wracking.

But optical illusions can also be fun. They force your eyes and brain out of their comfort zones to see things in new ways.

That’s the objective behind a temporary museum that opened in Los Angeles on January 2. At this Museum of Illusions, you immerse yourself into paintings that question your ideas of perception and reality. Photography is welcomed and encouraged.

The Museum of Illusions is located at 6753 Hollywood Blvd. and open 10 a.m.-midnight daily through February 28. Admission is $28.45 for a regular ticket and $107.65 for the VIP package, which includes parking, express entry, an individualized schedule, personal photo shoot, and gift. Buy tickets at Eventbrite.

If you don’t buy the VIP package, parking is available around the corner for $20 at McCadenn Garage, 1724 N. Highland Avenue. Reserve and pay for parking.

Public transit is also an option. Plan your trip via Metro.

For more information about the Museum of Illusions in Los Angeles, visit its Facebook page.

Permanent Museums of Illusions are located in:

There’s also the Takao Trick Art Museum in Tokyo.

Other Museums of Illusions are opening soon in:





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