See the coolest collection of robots ever assembled at the Museum of Science+Industry in Chicago through February 4

Featured image credit: Museum of Science+Industry, Chicago

Robots are a growing part of our lives. They analyze and solve complex mathematical problems within seconds. They help us explore planets where we couldn’t survive. They comfort patients in hospitals and residents of assisted living centers. They protect us by sweeping areas suspected of containing explosive devices, and save lives by detecting earthquake survivors buried in deep piles of rubble.

Through February 4 at the Museum of Science+Industry in Chicago, meet some of the world’s most amazing robots at the Robot Revolution exhibit, sponsored by

Some of the robots in the exhibit can express human emotions, allowing them to react to unpredictable behavior and in chaotic environments. Experience how their awareness and understanding of emotions build empathy and trust. Others use face-tracking technology to sense what you’re looking at, and can see and recognize objects.

You’ll see robot arms that can program themselves to repeat your movements. At the Google self-driving car simulation, watch how the car’s LiDAR (light radar) unit reads the surroundings on city streets. You’ll also learn about IBM’s Watson’s new career challenge since winning Jeopardyassisting doctors in medical research.

Try to keep up with a robot that sorts colored pills in jars. It moves so fast, you might lose track!

Test gripper robots’ abilities to grab objects of different shapes and sizes. Their talents are incredible.

And you’ll discover the ways robots can give humans access to places we can’t venture into, such as inside pipelines, on planets like Mars, in unstable buildings, on rescue missions, and in areas suspected of containing a bomb.

There’s also time for play. Challenge a robot to a round of tic-tac-toe, and watch bots compete in their own games.

The Museum of Science+Industry is located at 5700 South Lake Shore Drive, near the 57th Street Beach. Hours vary by month.

Parking is available for a fee at the museum’s garage, and Metra’s Electric Line stops two blocks from the north entrance at the 55th/56th/57th Street Station. If you’re traveling to and from Indiana, the South Shore Line trains stop at the 57th Street Station. Get directions and plan your trip.

Robot Revolution is not included in general admission, but several packages including the exhibit are available. There’s a $2 discount if you purchase online. View pricing options and buy tickets.

For more information about the exhibit, visit the Robot Revolution webpage or call (773) 684-1414.

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