Ax throwing, Frisbee golf, hula hoop contest, and the Dummy Downhill among the zany activities at Hoodoo’s Winter Carnival February 10 in Sisters, OR

Featured image: Hoodoo Ski Bowl (photo credit:

Of all the winter events I’ve researched and written about this season, Hoodoo’s Winter Carnival in Sisters, Oregon, has a widest variety of zany activities. The festivities are at the Hoodoo Ski Bowl on Saturday, February 10, 9 a.m.-9 p.m.

The schedule of events includes an ax throwing booth, Frisbee golf, musical chairs, a three-legged obstacle race, team tube race, hula hoop contest, pie eating contest, ski javelin throw, archery contest, and a Hoodoo employee snow sculpture contest and bingo. There’s also live music in the evening by the popular Bend-based band Tone Red, a torchlight descent, and fireworks on the mountain.

But, that’s not all! The highlight of the day is the Dummy Downhill contest at 3 p.m. Entrants create dummies, attach them to skis or sled runners, and send them down a steep snow-packed jump leading to a stunning crash. Prizes are awarded for the best dummy and most spectacular crash. All qualified entrants receive a $25 Hoodoo Powder Shoppe gift certificate.

Enter the Dummy Downhill contest.

For more information about Hoodoo’s Winter Carnival and other activities at Hoodoo Ski Bowl, visit

Get directions to Hoodoo Ski Bowl.

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