Why does Maine have so many towns named after foreign countries?

Featured image: Welcome sign near the Maine state border (photo by Money for Coffee, via Pixabay)

Many states have towns named after foreign countries, but I’ve noticed the most so far in Maine. During drives there, I’ve passed small towns like Mexico, Denmark, Norway, and Peru. And that’s just for starters.

It’s  easy to assume that all of these small towns were named after immigrants from these different countries, but in Maine, it usually isn’t the case. The stories are as varied as the towns.

Maybe it’s because a town wanted a unique name. Maybe it’s because someone changed the name when the town intended it to be different. Or maybe a certain historical event influenced the town’s naming. Others remain shrouded in mystery.

The Boston Globe recently posted some stories behind a few of Maine’s town names. Read the full article here:

Why do so many Maine towns share names with foreign places?

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