Bridal Veil Post Office reopens after break-in last month

Featured image: The Bridal Veil Post Office in the town of Bridal Veil, Oregon (photo by Laarni Mary, via Facebook)

After being closed for more than a month, the Bridal Veil Post Office in the Columbia River Gorge will resume operations on Monday, January 28. The post office, among the smallest in the country, is a popular destination for brides-to-be to postmark their wedding invitations.

The post office closed on Christmas Eve 2018, when someone broke into the building. Although officials didn’t disclose any details, the damage was significant enough for repairs in the 10- by 10-foot building.

The vandal(s) have not been found.

The post office is located at 47100 West Mill Road in the town of Bridal Veil. It’s the only remaining building in this former lumber town. Learn more about the town’s history.

The postmark at the Bridal Veil Post Office is popular with brides-to-be when they’re sending their wedding invitations. (photo credit: KOIN-TV)

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