Early-bird tickets on sale for Faerieworlds at Horning’s Hideout

Featured image by Larisa K., courtesy Pixabay

Faerieworlds takes you on an escape like no other Friday-Sunday, August 23-25. Dress as your favorite fairy, goblin, or other fantasy creature and explore another world in Horning’s Hideout, one of the most beautiful lakeside Douglas fir forests in the Pacific Northwest. This celebration of mythology, fantasy, and fairies is the largest event of its kind in the country.

Each day has a theme:

  • Friday is Good Faeries Day.
  • Saturday is Bad Faeries Day.
  • Sunday is Family Day.

You’ll also find fantasy-themed arts and crafts made by hand, local organic food and drink, workshops and classes, live music, a Spiral Dance, and the Neverworlds Children’s Area.

Early-bird tickets are now on sale, and prices vary depending on the package you select. Buy tickets at Fairieworlds’ online store.

Horning’s Hideout is located at 21277 NW Brunswick Canyon Road in North Plains, Oregon, 25 miles northwest of Portland. Get directions on the Horning’s Hideout homepage.

For more information, visit faerieworlds.com.

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