Find your way out of a virtual escape room

Edith Humphreys in Mad Genius Escape Rooms’ “The Truth About Edith” virtual escape experience (photo credit: Mad Genius Escape Rooms)

Escape rooms have become popular during the past 10 years, but these games require you to go somewhere to play. So, what do you do when you can’t get lost in an escape room because they’re closed from COVID-19?

Mad Genius Escape Rooms in Portland, Oregon, came up with a solution: Create a virtual escape room experience!

“The Truth About Edith” is the story about your neighbor, Edith Humphreys, who has 24 cats. She’s a sweet lady, but something doesn’t make sense. She says she was born in 1902 but her age is 97, and she lives at Mad Genius Escapes. Are you game to solve this puzzle?

“The Truth About Edith” is an hour-long humorous adventure with interactive theater that’s designed for four players. It’s a mix of a video game, escape room, and who-done-it story.

During the game, you’re in a Zoom call with your teammates, which allows you to see and hear them and work together to solve the mystery. Two people can share one computer and count as one player.

To play, you’ll need to download and install Zoom. Google Chrome and Firefox are the best browsers to use.

​Watch a trailer for “The Truth About Edith”, get more details about the game, and register to play at

Mad Genius Escapes is planning a sequel to “The Truth About Edith”. Check its website listed above for updates on the sequel.

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