Skowhegan State Fair, America’s oldest continuously running agricultural fair, moving forward despite COVID-19

Photo credit: Skowhegan State Fair in Skowhegan, Maine

The Skowhegan State Fair, in Skowhegan, Maine, held its first fair in 1818. Two hundred two years later, it’s facing the challenge every large gathering is experiencing from COVID-19—how to move forward. Many large events have postponed until 2021 or created a virtual version whenever possible.

The Skowhegan State Fair doesn’t want to stop completely this year, but it’s looking into options. An event will happen on August 13-22, 2020, but what it will look like is still uncertain.

“At this point, all options remain on the table,” according to a statement on the fair’s Facebook page and website. “First and foremost we are committed to continuing our run as the nation’s oldest continuous agricultural fair — even if that means a small scale agriculture event with limited attendance. Our hope, however, is that we’ll be able to safely and responsibly hold a larger event. We’d love nothing more than to give the community its full-scale annual fair. While we recognize that seems like a long shot right now, we’re committed to remaining patient and working through the proper channels as things continue to unfold.”

So, in short, stay tuned! Look for updates at the Skowhegan State Fair Facebook page and

Skowhegan is 90 miles north of Portland, Maine, and 200 miles north of Boston.

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