Armchair photo tours: Junction City Scandinavian Festival

Scandinavian Festival-sign-at-entrance

Photos by Cheryl Landes

On the second weekend in August, Junction City, in Oregon’s southern Willamette Valley, celebrates its Scandinavian heritage with four days packed with mouth-watering traditional foods, performances by international dance troupes, storytelling, and craft demonstrations. And there are plenty of opportunities to join the dancers onstage.

There’s also a life-sized Dalecarlian (Dala) horse. The Dala horse originated in the Swedish province of Dalarna. Smaller hand-carved and painted versions of these horses were used as toys for children. Today, the Dala horse has become a symbol for the province and Sweden in general.

The Dala horse at the Junction City Scandinavian Festival is made of papier-mache and is more than 30 years old.

Scandinavian Festival-Dala horse

Two of my favorite treats at the festival are the Swedish meat pies and elephant ears (both pictured below).

Scandinavian Festival-Swedish-meat-pieScandinavian Festival-elephant-ear

Other highlights include talking with Vikings and meeting live trolls.

Here are some more pictures from previous festivals. Enjoy the tour!

Scandinavian Festival-windmillScandinavian Festival-food-vendor-signScandinavian Festival-umbrellaScandinavian Festival-jewelryScandinavian Festival-flower-crownsScandinavian Festival-food-vendor-sign2Scandinavian Festival-dishclothsScandinavian Festival-clothesScandinavian Festival-art-show-signScandinavian Festival-baskets

Admission is free.

Learn more about the Junction City Scandinavian Festival at

Junction City is 100 miles south of Portland.


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