Get outside with Go Play, Vancouver!

Fort Vancouver National Historic Site in Vancouver, Washington (photo by Cheryl Landes)

The City of Vancouver Parks and Recreation (Washington) is hosting a new event called Go Play, Vancouver! The event encourages residents and non-residents to go outside safely during the coronavirus pandemic to get exercise and enjoy nature in the city’s parks, historic sites, and other natural areas.

To participate:

  1. Visit Go Play, Vancouver!
  2. Read the instructions for the latest activity.
  3. Go out and complete the tasks in the instructions.
  4. Post your completed tasks to social media with the hashtag, #goplayvancouver.
  5. Anyone who completes the activity receives a gift certificate.

The parks department keeps previous activities on the Go Play, Vancouver! page, so if you want to complete those tasks for fun, go for it! Only the current activity posted is eligible for the gift certificates.

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