house of sueños audio drama weaves Spanish, English, and Hamlet into a true-life story

Salvadoran-American playright Meme Garcia tells her life story of family, mental health, and the power of dreams in house of sueños, a five-part audio drama. The podcast interweaves Spanish and English with elements of Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Five years after their father disappears, Rina and Amelia prepare to celebrate their mother’s new marriage. Their lives turn upside down after Amelia sees a strange voice and shadowy figure in the attic. Now, the sisters must protect themselves while navigating lies and truths that threaten to destroy the family.

Stream the drama, trailer, and a bonus episode that discusses mental health from, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts until Wednesday, March 17. The podcast is available in English and Spanish and ranges from 24 to 34 minutes per episode.

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