Expect a fine if you take rocks and plants from the beaches in Westport, MA

Featured image: A rocky beach in Westport, Massachusetts (photo credit: NBC 10 in Providence)

The beaches in Westport, Massachusetts are covered in rocks. The action from the waves carve these rocks into beautiful shapes. Many look like giant eggs.

Years ago, kids grabbed a rock or two from the beaches for their collections. But now, residents have seen more people taking rocks for landscaping and art projects, or to sell on sites like Etsy. They’re filling buckets and even SUVs. And it’s happening every day.

The residents and Town of Westport officials are concerned that removing these rocks will cause environmental damage. The rocks protect the beach and the surrounding areas from flooding.

Removing rocks from the beaches is illegal under the Wetlands Protection Act, but the law hasn’t been enforced. So, the Town of Westport decided to fine anyone $250 if they’re caught taking rocks from the beach. The fine also applies to anyone stealing plants.

Rocks-Westport-MA-beachesThe round, smooth rocks at a beach in Westport, Massachusetts (photo tweeted by Tony Gugliotta, reporter and anchor at NBC 10 in Providence)

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