Washington Trails Association publishes new hiking safety guide

Image by LUM3N from Pixabay

The Washington Trails Association (WTA) has published a new free online hiking safety guide geared toward new hikers. It also provides a great refersher for hikers with more experience.

“Safety Essentials: A Toolkit for Hikers” focuses on five important things you need to know for an enjoyable, safe hike:

  1. Make a plan before you go.
  2. Pack your backpack with the essentials and anything else you might need.
  3. Learn how to identify common risks on the trail and how to handle them.
  4. Know about the types of wildlife you might encounter on the trail and how to react.
  5. Prepare for emergencies.

Read the full guide.

This project is sponsored by the WTA, Carter Subaru, and the King County Search and Rescue Association.

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